Cailin's Memories

a commemorative service honoring all babies lives...

Cailin’s Memories is a public charity that provides hospitals, doctors offices, and individuals with memory making items when the loss of a pregnancy/infant happens.

Cailin’s Memory Boxes are for babies approximately 20 weeks and greater gestation. Items included are: print cards for feet, hands, and ears. Cards for mounting items such as a measuring tape and/or lock of hair. Cards may be used for mounting pictures, such as in scrap booking. There is a commemorative Certificate of Life, molding material for hand and/or foot molds/impressions. Next is a memorial candle and forget me not seed packet. Also included are mom/dad/baby bracelets which all match. Finally included are a baby blanket and hat as well as a teddy bear. All these items are for preserving the memories of the families lost baby.

Cailin’s Early Pregnancy Loss Packets are meant for babies approximately less than 20 weeks gestation. These packets contain items for memorializing when physical memories are unable to be made. Some of the same items are included: a Certificate of Life as well as selective poetry. Memorial candle and forget me not seed packet. Also included are pink and blue PAILS(Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support) support bracelets.

Cailin's Memories has supported hospitals and individuals since 2003. We have sent one time donations or recurring. We have provided needed education for staff when requested. We have donated all over the country and are proud to do so. Please feel free to contact us to request a donation or just to comment.

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